Holy paladin

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Holy paladin

Post  Eggcobb on Sun Aug 03, 2008 12:25 pm

General information:

Name: Adam
Age: 15
Location: England
Difference in time to Server e.g. UK= -1 hour : UK= -1 hour

Character information:

Character name: Eggcobb
Race : Human
Class: Paladin
Trade Skills (And 'special' recipes): 275 mining, Low lvl JC (jst started it)
/played total : 24 days, 8 hours, 36 minutes
/played at level 70 : 6 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes

Armory Link (please add it for us):

What is your raiding experience in TBC?
Kara and Magtheradon
Did you have any raiding experience before TBC? (remember to specify if you had another character in those raid and who he is)

What is your unbuffed Resistances using TBC Gear (excluding Greens) :

Frost 0
Fire 0
Nature 0
Shadow 0
Arcane 0

Would you change spec if asked to do so? Yes

Additional Information: Im willing to skip personal events for wow (Im not going to the cinima to play wow).

Alts above level 20: Mage- Hamcobb

History with other guilds, and reason for leaving your last 2: Because the guild dispanded, Because im unable to raid with them

Do you know anyone who is currently raiding in Odyssey, who will vouch for you ? sansoms

Why are you applying to Odyssey (this is very important)? Both for social aspects But also the chance to raid

Can you keep yourself supplied on consumables for all raids? Yes

Can you enchant any new gear you get within a reasonable time frame with valid enchants for your class ? I would Spend money for enchants

Can you raid these days ( if not please mark with a *)

Monday 20.00 server start (10 man run)

Tuesday 20.00 server start (25 man run)

Thursday 20.00 server start (25 man run) * (Will be Able one a fortnight)

Sunday 19.00 server start (10 man run)

Additional Information you would like to tell us
I am willing to but a guilds need before my own!

Remember that you are presenting yourself to us with this application, so please put in a good ammount of effort. If you don't, your chances of getting a positive reply will drastically lower.


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Re: Holy paladin

Post  Graaskaeg on Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:22 am

Hi Adam

We have decided to offer you a trial.
You can whisper any officer for an invite.

Best regards, Gråskæg

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