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holy priest app

Post  Iyaloris on Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:24 pm

Name: Iyalorisa
Age: 41
Location: UK
Difference in time to Server UK= -1 hour :

Character information: 70 holy priest imp ds/ 70 combat rogue/ 70 warrior tank

Character name: Iyalorisa
Race : Human
Class: Priest
Trade Skills (And 'special' recipes): 375 tailoring no special recipes as yet/ 352 enchanting
/played total : 20 days on this toon to many on others
/played at level 70 : 2 days on this toon

Armory Link (please add it for us):

What is your raiding experience in TBC? have not raided at all on priest as yet atm i have 1200 heal and 210 mp5/ have raided up to bt on other characters/ have led kara and gruul on Lelaigh my rogue/ also led kara on my tank Delbert
Did you have any raiding experience before TBC? (remember to specify if you had another character in those raid and who he is) none at all sorry

What is your unbuffed Resistances using TBC Gear (excluding Greens) :

Frost 0
Fire 0
Nature 0
Shadow 0
Arcane 0

Would you change spec if asked to do so? maybe but i like healing

Additional Information: Atm i`m not geared for kara even, am omw to whitemend set and am grinding rep for items also running heroics within a few days for drops/badge items, not sure on minimum spec for ssc but would imagine within 2 weeks i`ll be up to it,

Alts above level 20: Lelaigh 70 rogue/ delbert 70 warrior

History with other guilds, and reason for leaving your last 2: was in The ice drakes left as i wouldn`t have been able to get a raid spot as they are in mh

Do you know anyone who is currently raiding in Odyssey, who will vouch for you ? no

Why are you applying to Odyssey (this is very important)? I want to progress through the game as a priest healing, i have a tank that hes been through kara and a rogue that has 4/5 bt all 3 toons atm are guildless as i have benn concentrating on priest, i can`t really answer this question as i know very little about your guild i saw an advert in trade sounded about what i wanted so i applied sorry if this is not what you require i could lie and say i heard you were the best guild on the server Sad

Can you keep yourself supplied on consumables for all raids? yes

Can you enchant any new gear you get within a reasonable time frame with valid enchants for your class ? yes

Can you raid these days ( if not please mark with a *)

Monday 20.00 server start (10 man run) yes

Tuesday 20.00 server start (25 man run) yes

Thursday 20.00 server start (25 man run) yes

Sunday 19.00 server start (10 man run) yes


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Re: holy priest app

Post  Iyaloris on Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:25 pm

my link sorry didn`t seem to come out on app


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Re: holy priest app

Post  Graaskaeg on Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:15 pm


Thanks for your application. We will get back to you with an answer within a few days.

BR, Gråskæg

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Re: holy priest app

Post  Shadowolf on Sat Aug 30, 2008 6:33 am


We can offer u a trial
Wisper a officer ofr invite


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Re: holy priest app

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